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Post Date: 18-Aug-2022

What is Coir Matting and What Are Its Benefits?

You might be unfamiliar with the name coir matting, but you have surely seen it and indeed walked upon it. It is often used for doorways and porches, as the mat you walk on when you first come through the door. The function of coir matting is to have something wipe your shoes on to remove any dirt before you enter the rest of the building. Other names by which coir matting is known are: DoormatEntrance mattingCoconut matCoco mat What are choir mats made from? The tough fibres of the mat are usually made from coconut husk, which is the water-resistant layer between the hard inner shell and the external coating. The fibres used in coir matting are strong and resilient, as they have evolved to protect the flesh of the coconut even if it has been floating in water for a long time. What makes these coir fibres so tough? It’s because the fibre’s thick walls are made of...
Post Date: 18-Aug-2022

Artificial Grass: What is It and Should You Get It?

As the name suggests, artificial grass is artificial rather than natural grass. It is made from durable materials such as polyethene, nylon, or polypropylene and is made to withstand all weather. Where can artificial grass be installed? You would be forgiven for thinking that artificial grass is mainly for sports fields, but there are many places where you could install an artificial lawn. Essentially, anywhere that could have natural grass can have the synthetic version. But also, it can be used in locations where it would not be practical to have a natural lawn. For example: Front and back gardensOutdoor entertainment areasPutting greensRoofsAround swimming poolsUnderneath children's play equipment such as swingsBorders next to paths Are artificial lawns safe? Yes, they are. Artificial lawns are non-toxic and made from materials that are kid-friendly and pet-friendly. People used to be worried about the crumb rubber used in the turf on sports fields, but tests have proven that recycled rubber does not pose...
Post Date: 08-Aug-2022

Why is Regular Floor Maintenance So Important?

Let’s face it, regular floor maintenance is essential in any building, whether it is your home or your workplace. Here we will look at the main reasons for keeping your floor in good condition. We will then look at the main types of products used for regular floor maintenance. The top reasons for regular floor maintenance Safety Whether at home or in the workplace, your floor is potentially one of the most dangerous aspects of the building. People regularly walk around without looking down at their feet. If a floor has not been adequately maintained, the floor surface can bubble up, and cracks might even appear, which can become a trip hazard. But it’s not just about preventing bubbling and cracks. Stains and dirt can make the floor surface abrasive or sticky, which is another potential trip hazard. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent such mucky buildup. Appearance and longevity If you have spent lots of money on a new...
Post Date: 08-Aug-2022

What is Floor Underlay and What Types Are Available?

Floor underlay is material several milimetres thick that goes underneath your floor covering. It is often made from either rubber or foam, depending on the type of floor covering it is intended to sit beneath. It can make the floor more comfortable to walk on, can reduce the sound of footsteps, and might even prevent moisture from getting through. What does floor underlay do? The main functions of floor underlay are: Provides a smoother surface: The subfloor mainly provides a structural function, so putting underlay between the subfloor and the floor covering will smooth out the surface.Helps adhesion: Some floor coverings may not stick directly to the subfloor, so having underlay between them may improve the adhesion. Also, the subfloor could expand and contract, so the underlay will reduce the effect this has on the floor covering.Helps the structural stability: The subfloor on its own may not be quite as stable as you’d like, particularly in older homes. Adding underlay...
Post Date: 27-Jun-2022

What Are Long Hallway Runners, and What Are the Best Types to Buy?

Long hallway runners are rectangular rugs ideal for placing in any parts of your home that get a lot of foot traffic. Typically, this will be the area behind the main doorway or along the main corridor between rooms. Long hallway runners have two main purposes. Firstly, they protect the floor from being worn out by everyone walking on it. Secondly, they brighten up the space with an attractive design. Styles and designs of long hallway runners Much like area rugs, long hallway runners are available in various styles and designs. Which type you choose depends on whichever is best suited to the area in which it will be placed. For example, the Primavera Hall/Stair Runner in grey would ideally suit a light-coloured flooring. In comparison, the Axminster Hall/Stair Runner would be more suitable for a wooden floor. Or, if you are looking for protection from dirt in a part of the house where people will come in wearing muddy...
Post Date: 27-Jun-2022

What Are Artificial Hedge Panels, and What Types Are Available?

Artificial hedge panels are pieces of artificial foliage that give the appearance of a natural hedge. Here we will discuss the styles, sizes, and materials from which they are made. We will also discuss the benefits in comparison to natural hedges. Why use artificial hedge panels? Artificial hedge panels can give a more natural appearance to your outdoor space. You can use them to cover up parts of your house, for example, any unsightly brickwork. And the great thing is because they are made from artificial materials, they are long-lasting. But best of all, if you are somebody who doesn’t have time for garden maintenance, they are ideal because they won’t require regular maintenance. You can even use them indoors if you want to. What styles of artificial hedge panels are available? Various styles are available, covering all the main types of hedge leaves. For example, laurel leaves, beech leaves, and conifer leaves. Some even come with beautiful summer flowers...